Jesus Magana Jasso


       As Founder / Owner / President / CEO  of   TOLMEX Multiservices Corporation (Builders Group),  

                                                                                CANICO Builders Group Corporation,  

                                                                                CUNCAN Builders Corporation, 

                                                                               -  CANCEM Construction Corporation, 

                                                                               -  CANXEM Constructors Corporation,  

                                                                               -  CANJEM Builders Corporation (Fire Protection Systems),  

                                                                               -  CANHAN Development Corporation and  

                                                                               -  CANMEX Homeless Corporation (General Contractor);

Jesus is an enthusiastic individual with exceptional work ethics, high moral standards and a "get it done right" attitude.

Jesus is an equal opportunity employer. To him, quality starts with his staff, providing them proper safety equipments, PPE and tools for the jobs.


An entrepreneur who motivates and collaborates with his teams providing career opportunities to help each other resulting in exceptional work relationships and jobs well done.


Our goal is provide exceptional customer experience, finishing our projects with the highest quality results and on time.